The Hyundai Veloster is a highly-capable fun car but its N version, which stands for Nürburgring, is the real deal especially if you want more oomph in the peculiarly-styled hatchback. Even better, the Veloster N comes with a six-speed manual transmission and a Performance Package that packs even more power.

But not everyone's fond of shifting the gears by themselves, or at least we think it is. Hyundai does, too, that's why a dual clutch transmission version of the Veloster N is slated to be launched this year.

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With that in mind, it's natural to see the hot hatch doing some final testing at its birthplace, the Nurburgring. We've seen a spy video of it earlier this month, but that video was just about the Veloster N being unloaded off of a truck. We are yet to see it doing some hot laps at the track itself, and that would be today.

In this video by Carspotter Jeroen on Youtube, a test prototype of the Veloster N is seen stretching its legs at the ring, showcasing its quick shifts and its exhaust note that really, really sounded good. 

Wait, quick shifts? While we may know people that could virtually do blazing-quick shifts with a stick shift, we're fairly convinced that the test prototypes in this video have a DCT instead of a manual tranny. We're convinced, but we're not claiming it as a fact.

What made us believe that the test mules are indeed automatic is when the reverse light went off before one of the test prototypes moved forward – you only do that in AT cars, really. 

Oh, there's no i30 N on this video, though, contrary to what the video title suggests.