Remember when we talked about the Bugatti La Voiture Noire being the only car that can pull off six exhaust tips without looking ridiculous? Well, the tuners at Lumma Design are proving us wrong. They took the latest Mercedes-AMG G63, which has a total of four exhausts in its standard guise, and added an extra two to highlight the additional power it’s been able to extract from the twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8. Six exhausts seem like overkill, but these are evenly split between the two side skirts of the Mercedes-AMG G63, and dare we say they don’t look half bad.

Flashy exhaust system aside, the G63 has received a complete aftermarket package and an extra set of LED lights on the roof. The bonnet scoop is a bit too much, but the other bits and pieces blend nicely with the boxy body of the high-performance G-Wagen. Those bulging wings are making the SUV a whopping 40 millimeters wider than the standard model, while those massive wheels measure 24 inches to give the G63 a more powerful presence on the road.

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Speaking of power, Lumma Design has found a way to squeeze an extra 65 bhp from the V8, which now pushes out a meaty 642 bhp. Torque has also been nicely bumped by 74 pound-feet to a mountain-moving 700 lb-ft. The tuner doesn’t say how fast the G63 is now thanks to the extra power, but it probably needs less than the 4.4 seconds required by the standard G63 to hit 60 mph. In addition, top speed might be a little bit higher than the 149 mph of the regular variant.

The entire package tailored to the Mercedes brute goes by the name of Lumma CLR G770 and can be complemented by a series of tweaks inside the cabin where the tuner can add goodies such as aluminium pedals, floor mats, and a wide variety of leathers.

Source: Lumma Design

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LUMMA CLR G770 – The new G Class with stylish modification.

For over 30 years now, the company LUMMA Design from Southern Germany has stood for absolutely premium-class car modifications. Horst Lumma and his team of highly qualified specialists are the first port of call for demanding clients from all over the world. Particularly when it comes to modification of premium and luxury-class cars, owners of high-quality SUV’s trust the skilful craftsmanship and stylish design of the traditional company. Horst Lumma uses his creativity to lend even more presence and character to the very special flair of these automobiles. At the forefront of this are generally visual changes, which underline the exclusive character of the vehicles. Enhancements to performance and a fine selection of refined alloy wheels complete the product range. The specialists from Winterlingen have followed this path with the newly created tuning programme for the Mercedes-Benz G63, which is now celebrating its launch under the name LUMMA CLR G770.

High-quality visual package emphasising sporty features

The exclusive LUMMA aerodynamics package sets the benchmark for quality and appearance. The bodywork components, mainly made from PU RIM, and also available in a carbon-fibre finish, integrate perfectly into the original vehicle design on the one hand, but on the other, they all emphasise sporty features without being intrusive. The front and rear aprons, combined with the extended wheel arches and the side skirts all form a coherent whole, displaying finesse, not merely in terms of appearance. In addition, the add-on parts optimize the air flow over the vehicle's silhouette, which has positive effects on the handling. The rear roof spoiler and striking diffusor, in particular, deliver the required extra downforce. Front roof panels with four additional headlights, daytime running lights, a bonnet attachment, front radiator grill frame, exhaust trims, the LUMMA spare wheel cover and carbon-fibre wing mirror covers complete the extrovert bodywork programme.

First-rate alloy wheels for a solid look and ideal road-holding

The fenders have been extended by 40 millimetres, creating space for wider tracking and premium alloy wheels with designation CLR 24 RS. With their Y spoke design, as with all their cast wheels, LUMMA relies on use of particularly weight-saving aluminium alloys to help reduce unsprung mass. This leads to a considerable improvement in acceleration, handling and braking distances. For the perfect tyres LUMMA recommends high-performance tyres size 295/30 R24 at the front and 355/25 R24 at the back.

The brake calipers are painted in your colour of choice and create another highlight in the muscular wheel arches with their sporty look.

Performance enhancement with targeted modifications

But the design of the LUMMA CLR G770 doesn’t just look sporty - the conversion also has a lot to offer under the bonnet: From the already beefy power reserves in the 4.0 litre V8 engine of the Mercedes-Benz G63 (585 hp/ 430 kW), the engine technicians have coaxed an extra 65 hp of power using the LUMMA powerbox, and have cranked torque up to a mighty 950 Nm. And the G500 also becomes considerably more athletic: The newly installed performance enhancements increase engine power by an impressive 110 hp (standard: 422 hp, 610 Nm) and an additional 140 Newton metres of torque.

High-quality, comprehensive interior programme

In the interior, LUMMA has managed to create the perfect symbiosis of sports functionality and luxurious ambience. This involves using the very finest materials, delivering that feeling of complete comfort, no matter where you sit in the Mercedes G Class. From the aluminium pedal set, through foot and boot mats with real leather edging, all the way to complete leather finish - the team of specialists deliver a comprehensive modification programme which leaves nothing to be desired for their exclusive clientele.

Key facts:

LUMMA CLR G770 for G63 AMG / G500

LUMMA BODYKIT CLR G770 comprising:

Price: €10,950.00                                                          

  • LUMMA Front spoiler bumper
  • LUMMA Daytime running lights 4x
  • LUMMA wheel arch extensions front and rear
  • LUMMA Side skirts
  • LUMMA Rear bumper with diffusor
  • LUMMA Exhaust trims, 6x, square

Other options

LUMMA Roof trim with 4x full-beam headlights

LUMMA Rear roof spoiler

LUMMA Bonnet attachment

LUMMA Front radiator frame

LUMMA Side window trim

LUMMA Spare wheel cover with LUMMA signature and CLR G770 lettering

Carbon-fibre main headlight finish

Carbon-fibre wing mirror top cover

LUMMA Complete wheel set CLR 24 RS

  • 5 x 24" with tyres 295/30 R24 front
  • 13 x 24" with tyres 355/25 R24 rear

LUMMA Performance spacer set

Brake calipers painted front and rear


LUMMA Aluminium pedal set

LUMMA Foot mat set black, with real leather edging and LUMMA coat of arms logo

LUMMA Boot mat set black, with real leather edging and LUMMA coat of arms

Performance enhancements:

LUMMA Powerbox +65 hp / +100 Nm (for G63 AMG)

LUMMA Powerbox +110 hp/ +140 Nm, with parts certification (for G500)

You can find more information about the exclusive LUMMA modification programme on the homepage