Have you ever wanted to learn how to do the pit manoeuvre? Or wished that you are so good behind the wheel that you could do the stunts you see in movies? Well, that’s definitely a difficult job but you can take the very first steps on this page. Let us introduce you a professional driver who can teach you a thing or two about tactical driving techniques.

Meet Wyatt Knox, Special Projects Director at the Team O'Neil Rally School in New Hampshire USA, who is “a true technician behind the steering wheel” and a rally driver by nature. In a new 15-minute video by Wired on YouTube he explains some of the basic defensive and offensive skills you might need to know in case you have to deal with critical situations on the road. Or, you know, just for fun.

The car Knox is using for his lessons is an American market Ford Crown Victoria because “it makes a really excellent training platform” and is “representative of so many heavy American RWD automatic vehicles that are commonly used by security professionals.” Of course, it’s not completely stock but has just a few modifications including heavy duty steel bumpers.

The video starts with a simple but very helpful explanation of how to make a J-turn. It’s basically a reverse 180-degree turn and - yes, it’s that manoeuvre that you can often see in Hollywood movies. Next is the pit manoeuvre – a pursuit technique when you need the vehicle that is in front of you to either get out of your way or come to a stop. This technique involves doing some damage to your vehicle.

Needless to say, we strongly recommend that you don’t try any of these manoeuvres on public roads. If you want to practice tactical driving techniques, just call the guys at Team O'Neil Rally School or another similar driving academy. Before that, watch the video and learn the basics of tactical driving.