In general, police cars are usually boring. There are some exceptions that spring to mind, with Australia using Honda Civic Type Rs, Japan getting a GT-R, and Italy an ex-Mafia Ferrari 458 Spider. Over in the United Arab Emirates, it’s an entirely different situation as the police authorities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have the privilege of driving exotic high-performance cars. Case in point, UAE’s capital has a Lykan HyperSport – one of the only seven cars ever produced.

W Motors has released a new video of the company’s first car, which some of you will remember from Fast and Furious 7 where it unrealistically jumped through skyscrapers. If you’re wondering what the car’s name stands for, it takes after “lycan” – a mythological creature of Transylvanian origins.

Other than its interesting name and wild styling, the HyperSport has an impressive specs sheet. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature is the RUF-based mid-rear engine, a flat-six 3.7-litre unit with a pair of turbochargers to produce 740 bhp and 708 pound-feet of torque. The supercar only weighs about 1,400 kilograms and uses a seven-speed, dual-clutch PDK gearbox.

With a sprint to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and a 0-124 mph run in 9.4 seconds, the HyperSport is easily one of the quickest police cars ever. Top speed is also quite impressive at 245 mph. All these numbers came at a cost as the supercar with its jewel-encrusted key fob and diamond-lined headlights retailed for a cool £2.6 million.

W Motors has released a follow-up to the Lykan HyperSport in the form of the Fenyr SuperSport. It’s more powerful, faster, and less exclusive since production is capped at 100 examples.