Ah yes, the good old bendy bus. There’s no denying its capability as a prolific people mover for crowded cities, but few vehicles are the subject of such ridicule from motoring enthusiasts as these big articulated buses. To an intrepid motorhome enthusiast, however, they offer something far more tantalising – a massive amount of living space for those willing to invest a bit of coin and a lot of elbow grease. And we do mean massive.

On the outside, this 1986 Volvo B10MA presented by Nick Jordan on YouTube looks downright dreary. Maybe it’s an Australian sleeper thing – the bus and its current owner live in New South Wales – but when you step inside it all makes sense. Usually, motorhomes make clever use of space, but then again, most motorhomes aren't 16.7 metres long with over 40 square metres of open area inside. As such, this plain white wrapper boasts a generous kitchen with a full-size table, a dishwasher (yes, dishwasher), two refrigerators, a big sink, 1,000 litres of fresh water, and there’s even a wine rack curiously mounted next to the driver’s seat. And that’s just the front half of the forward section.

Gallery: Bendy Bus motorhome

Stepping further back, this old Volvo retains some of its original seating as part of a pseudo-lounge area. Space here is vast; a couple of storage tables are set up, and at the rear of the front section is relegated to managing the electricity that powers all the on-board equipment. Solar panels on the roof provide 12-volt power but the bus is also equipped for 240-volt power. That’s important, because electricity is the only means of heat and cooking for this rig – no propane is used.

Stepping through the motorhome's accordion midsection you enter the office, where once again we have full-size furniture that includes a desk, chair, lamp, and dual widescreen monitors for making the most of your online activity. Next to the office is a full-size bathroom that includes a normal toilet and separate stand-up shower – no all-in-one shower-commode for this rig. Finally, you arrive at the master bedroom, which in this case features a king-size bed with lots of storage for clothes, a big dresser, and enough floor space to do a happy dance if you’re so inclined.

We have no idea how much building something like this might cost, but it has to be the best use for a massive bendy bus we’ve ever seen. Sure, it’s almost 17 metres long, and we suspect the neat-o blender on the kitchen counter might slide around a bit while in-transit, but the wood floors and vast amount of interior space effectively turn this bus into a legit mobile home.