The upcoming, all-new Tesla Roadster will have the highest electric range of any production EV ever made. In fact, it's electric range will exceed 1,000, but not in miles.

With the recent range upgrades for the Tesla Model S and Model X, the question of range for the upcoming Roadster has again surfaced.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously touted the Roadster's range as untouchable by any other electric car. When the Roadster was first revealed, the automaker listed its range at 620 miles. That's a figure that's unheard of today. 

However, Musk again restated this number just recently in a tweet exchange. According to Musk, the all-new Roadster will go more than 1,000 km. Here's the tweet:


That's a crazy high figure, so we'll have to wait and see it to believe it, but Tesla has never failed to deliver on its range claims, so we expect this will pan out to be true too.

With a range of over 620 miles, the next-gen Roadster will be leaps and bounds ahead of any other electric car out there. Now we just wait for the arrival of this ultimate range king.

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