This is parenting done right. No, it goes beyond right. This child could well grow up to be the next Secretary-General of the United Nations, or at the very least, have an absolutely brilliant collection of 1980’s memorabilia. There’s already one amazing item to display, and you can see it right here courtesy of François Bérubé on Facebook.


Yes, that’s a mini DeLorean of Back to the Future fame, faithfully recreated as a cool electric kid-sized car. Fortunately, there's a wealth of photos and videos on Instagram under the wonderfully named account bttfdeloreanforadele that chronicles the build from the very beginning. We’re guessing Adele is the driver featured in the photos, and does she have the coolest dad ever.

Amazingly, it’s built entirely from scratch. Plans for the project were sourced from, and judging by the #cncmachinist hashtag featured with the Instagram account description, we’re assuming François knows a thing or to about building stuff. He scaled the plans up a bit to better accommodate his daughter, and then using plywood with aluminium sheeting to replicate the DeLorean’s stainless steel body, it all came together in glorious fashion.


The work didn’t stop there, however. The functional car still needed steel running gear, not to mention power. A pair of 12-volt DC motors provide the motivation, but power also goes to LED headlights, a mini flux capacitor in the interior, and a full-on sound system that even plays the orchestral Back to the Future theme. We’re seriously having a hard time containing our excitement here.


As for detail work, this mini DeLorean has conduits around the car, a proper janky wiring harness over the fender wings, and the rear boasts an accurate look with the taillights and correct OUTATIME license plate. The only item François didn’t make was the Mr. Fusion canister on the bootlid. That’s actually a USB car adapter sourced from eBay.


The First post on the Instagram account is dated January 21, with the video post of the car exploring the parking lot (at Twin Pines mall maybe?) showing up April 14. What a great winter project this was; we wish Adele and her dad many years of joy and a lifetime of smiles with this one-of-a-kind ride.