We've seen the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un rolling with his Rolls-Royce Phantom last year, which was reported to have replaced his Mercedes-Benz. However, it seems like Kim's love for German-engineered is back on track. Well, at least while he's in Russia.

As seen on the video below, Kim was seen riding a Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard on his visit to Russia for talks with President Vladimir Putin.


It isn’t really a surprise that the North Korean leader chose to stick with Mercedes. The Maybach S600 Pullman Guard has been known to cater to those in power, specifically in the government. The German automaker exports its cars all over the world.

There's only one problem: North Korea isn't one of Daimler's customers.

In a report by Associated Press, Daimler spokeswoman Silke Mockert said that the company has no idea how Mercedes vehicles were delivered to North Korea. She added that Daimler has a fundamental principle to follow laws in delivering its products.

The U.N. prohibits the sales of luxury goods to North Korea, including limousines.

“Our company has had no business connections with North Korea for far more than 15 years now and strictly complies with E.U. and U.S. embargoes,” Mockert added in a written statement sent to Associated Press. “To prevent deliveries to North Korea and to any of its embassies worldwide, Daimler has implemented a comprehensive export control process. Sales of vehicles by third parties, especially of used vehicles, are beyond our control and responsibility.”

This isn't the first time that Kim Jong-Un was seen riding a Mercedes-Maybach S600 as his official vehicle. In the video below, Kim was also seen riding what seems to be the same Pullman Guard in South Korea last year.


Source: Associated Press | Euronews, Daily Mail via Youtube