Imagine buying your dream car, building it into the ultimate track-day weapon, and taking it to the Nürburgring. It sounds like a dream come true, but for someone, it became a complete nightmare.

This video by RingFanatic on YouTube shows an awful crash involving an E46 M3. The E46 M3 is easily one of the most desirable BMW models of all time, and few would argue against using one as the basis for a track car.

That appears to be just what the driver of this car did. From what we can tell, the blue M3 was fitted with a roll cage, racing seats, a front splitter, a rear wing, and the sort of upgraded suspension, brakes, wheels, and tyres you'd expect to see on a weekend warrior like this.

In the video, another E46 – a silver non-M saloon – is pulled off to the side of the track with what appears to be a mechanical failure. White smoke is seen billowing out from underneath the bonnet. A corner worker waves a yellow flag, signalling for cars to slow down.

The yellow flag is a couple corners back from the disabled BMW, giving cars plenty of time and space to slow down. Unfortunately, it appears that it wasn't quite enough time or space for the E46 M3 driver.

We can't see exactly what happened, but as the car comes into view, it's already spinning wildly. The blue BMW slams into the wall hard. Thankfully, the driver and passenger appear uninjured, but the same cannot be said for the car.

The left rear corner is heavily damaged, and it appears that the rear wheel was pushed forward and into the body at an angle. That means that the rear subframe and unibody are tweaked significantly. The car is, likely, a total loss, but we're glad that the occupants walked away.

Source: RingFanatic on YouTube