That thing looks quite fast around the Green Hell.

Exactly a week ago, we saw the Porsche 911 Turbo Cabrio testing around the Nurburgring and the prototype was looking quite fast around the corners. Today, we can take another look at a trial car on the Green Hell with the only difference being that this time we have a hardtop vehicle.

Porsche is apparently trying to put the new Turbo model to the most extreme tests one can imagine considering the driver here is literally trying to destroy the brakes and tyres of this car. He pushes it very, very close to its limits and leaves us wondering what time the new 911 Turbo will be capable of registering around the famous German track.

We have to admit that watching this video makes us believe the sports car will be one heck of a beast – just look at the speed it reaches on the straights and how impressively flat it stays in the corners. That’s the performance fans will be expecting from the Stuttgart-based automaker and it will make sure to deliver it.

Underneath the active spoiler at the back, there’s an upgraded turbo flat-six engine, which is believed to produce over 600 bhp. The Turbo S version is expected to gain a boost of about 40 bhp and some minor suspension tweaks over the “standard” Turbo. All-wheel drive will ensure good traction is always available.

Seeing Porsche testing its Turbo prototypes at the Nurburgring is likely a hint the debut of the model is right around the corner. Our guess is we will see the coupe with an online debut this summer followed by a public premiere in Frankfurt several weeks later, while the open-top version will likely arrive next year.