The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is the track-focused member of the pony car's family – at least until the GT500 with the optional Carbon Fibre Track Package arrives. The coupe can't perform miracles on a circuit if the driver doesn't know how to handle it, though. For example, watch this video of a GT350 crashing at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Gallery: 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

In terms of wrecks at the Green Hell, this one is fairly minor. It happens at the tricky Brünnchen section of the track where the uphill, off-camber curve catches out many drivers, including this guy. The clip opens with a Renault Megane Trophy and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution successfully complete the turn. The camera operator then pans to record the GT350, but things don't go so cleanly for the Ford.

The driver appears to enter the corner with too much speed and understeer takes hold. There's not much runoff room between the grass and the wall, and the Mustang's front fender wing slams into the barrier. The gravel area ahead helps slow the vehicle, which brings it to a stop. 

Safety crews arrive, open the driver's door, and the guy climbs out. He's wearing a helmet but looks very stiff when walking away from the vehicle. The side airbag deployed in the crash.

When the wrecker arrives to haul the Mustang away, there's a great look at the damage. The front wing, sill and rear quarter panel have some serious dents plus the buckled bonnet, but the bigger issue might be the front clip being swayed over and heavy damaged to the suspension. However, if there's no serious inner structure damage, this guy could probably have his GT350 back on the road pretty soon. Next time, don't push quite so hard around the Nordschleife, though.