When Manfred Huber was a young boy growing up in Bavaria, he says that he heard that familiar air-cooled chainsaw whine of a classic Porsche 911. From that point on, it was his dream to own one of his own. Huber made this dream a reality, in spite of the fact that he was born without legs.

This inspiring, uplifting story comes to us from Porsche's own 9:11 Magazine, in a video uploaded to YouTube by Noah Joseph. Roughly three decades ago, Huber left a secure, traditional job to become a mechanic. He rented a simple shop with no heat and an outhouse, and, eight years later, the larger shop we see in the video.

He also bought a classic Porsche 911. As he began working on it, he initially wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to drive it. Huber created a clever lever system that replaces the pedals, allowing him to drive his dream car though the beautiful German countryside. 

The bright green and orange Porsche 911 is chock full of custom details. Huber says he picked the colours and upgrades because he wanted to make the car stand out. We'd say he was successful.

In addition to his brilliant lever control system, Huber has modified the interior by stripping as much weight as possible. He has a roll cage, sport seats, and a sport steering wheel. We appreciate the stopwatches affixed to the dashboard.

We really admire Huber's spirit. He dove into his passion headfirst, and, in spite of his disability, he was able make his dreams a reality. Plus, he's got a one of a kind classic Porsche 911 to drive. If you're feeling down or you lack motivation, you need to watch this video.