We’ve seen the deliciously square Mercedes-AMG G63 on video from time to time, exercising its brute force for drag racing and top speed runs on the Autobahn. We’ve also seen the bonkers Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, notably in the hands of Texas tuner Hennessey Performance embarrassing supercars with its Hellcat V8. This video from Gumbal on YouTube finally brings these performance SUVs together for a heads-up drag race on a short track. But like every good video game, the G63 must fend off a series of attackers before battling the final boss.

The clip opens with the slab-sided G63 taking on a family member in the form of an E63 AMG. It looks like the saloon might take the win at the very end, but without a finish line perspective, it’s hard to tell. The next taker is a sinister Audi R8 Spyder, and in this case we do mean downright evil – why else would it brandish a horned skull on its grille?

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The look is reminiscent of something we’d see on a vintage Cadillac rolling through the Texas Panhandle, but it manages to infuse the R8 with some dark power because it leaps off the line and walks the G63 all the way to the finish line. A less intimidating R8 is the G63’s next competitor, and it seems the lack of a skull does have an effect. The G63 gets a slight jump off the line, but the R8 can’t make up the difference.

Finally, we get to the main event, and we learn this menacing black Jeep apparently isn’t a run-of-the-mill Trackhawk. It’s tweaked by noted tuner Manhart, and though we don’t know exactly how much horsepower the SUV makes, we suspect it’s not called GC800 for the mere fun of it. Which big muscle SUV will take this battle? We’ll be the first to admit the G63 has something of a mountain to climb against the Trackhawk, but then again, that’s what the G-Class does best.

Hit the video above to see the final outcome.

Source: Gumbal via YouTube