The weather is finally nice enough to let Ken Block take his tuned Ford F-150 Raptor to the dusty trails of Moab, Utah. He's still dialing in the truck's highly modified suspension, but it allows for plenty of sliding right out of the box. 

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SVC Offroad built Block's Raptor as a compromise between an off-road pre-runner and a daily driver. The shop puts the largest emphasis on the suspension and wheel/tyre package, in addition to body modifications to make these tweaks possible. Widened axles broaden the track and fibreglass wing flares cover the rubber. There are also revised control arms and relocated dampers. 

The modifications are even more notable at the rear where there are now triple-bypass dampers that mount in the bed. They create quite a wild look.

The powertrain changes are fairly minor. There's an engine tune, stainless steel exhaust that exits underneath the truck, and SVC Offroad's intercooler.

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The work on the Raptor has been complete since December, but Block was busy. Plus, Utah's weather wasn't cooperating. The stars finally aligned, and Block got a chance to put the truck through its paces on a closed road.

Block doesn't baby the truck on its inaugural outing. He kicks up lots of dust while sliding around the dirt roads and comes away fairly impressed. Block reports that the truck hooks up easily in the two-wheel drive mode. The rig is similarly smooth when using all-wheel drive, Block says. We can't wait to see what he does with this rig next.

Source: Ken Block via YouTube