The driver in this pre-production Porsche is absolutely killing it at the Green Hell.

The last time we saw the next-generation Porsche 911 Turbo droptop, it was in a decidedly different environment that – dare we say – is not its natural habitat. Cold snow isn’t fun for any convertible, never mind one with the engine at the back producing gobs of horsepower. So when our global spy team sent us the above video showing a 911 Turbo Cabrio at the Nürburgring, we knew all was right in the world.

This prototype isn’t just turning some lazy laps, either. The footage comes from various sections of the famous Nordschleife loop, and some measure of tyre scrub is heard at each corner. Through it all, the 911 stays impressively flat with just a bit of side-to-side undulation and nose dip under hard braking. Removing a car’s fixed roof has a negative effect on chassis rigidity, but it sure looks like Porsche engineers have done their jobs on this new turbo model.

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All-wheel drive definitely helps, and this prototype is almost certainly turning all four wheels. That’s because the flat-six engine underneath the active spoiler is likely generating over 600 bhp, which is another reason why we’re happy to see testing return to the Green Hell. It’s tough to exercise that kind of power in a winter wonderland, but as the video shows, this Porsche virtually leapfrogs from corner to corner.

We’ve seen the Turbo Cabrio quite often, but that doesn’t mean a reveal is nigh. The hardtop 911 Turbo still hasn’t arrived, and we expect that to happen later this year. That means we probably won’t see this car fully unwrapped until sometime in 2020, possibly for the Geneva show in March.

Source: Automedia