Spied, rendered, and teased before, the 2 Series Gran Coupe will be BMW’s belated answer to the Mercedes CLA – now in its second generation – once it will be revealed in November. The premiere is scheduled to take place during the Los Angeles Auto Show, but you won’t be able to buy one until next spring. Despite the use of “coupe” in the model’s name, it will basically be a saloon version of the forthcoming 1 Series hatchback, much like the CLA is a stylish saloon take on the A-Class hatch.

Mercedes’ compact car lineup is a bit more complicated since it also contains an A-Class saloon. Come to think of it, BMW also has a 1 Series Saloon and that won’t be replaced by the 2 Series Gran Coupe. Currently sold only in Mexico and China, the UKL-based, front-wheel-drive 1 Series Saloon is different than the 2 Series Gran Coupe spied here in the sense that the fancier version will ride on a new FAAR platform.

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe
Speculative Render
BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe teaser
Official Teaser

We’ll know more about the new saloon pretty soon as BMW is about to reveal the all-new 1er, complete with a hot M Performance version. Featuring the most powerful four-cylinder engine ever used by the company in a production car, the M135i hatchback has already been pretty much leaked and we know straight from the horse’s mouth it will offer 302 bhp from a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine. We’re expecting an identical output from a future M Performance 2 Series Gran Coupe (M235i?) that will presumably sit on top of the range.

It goes without saying BMW will sell the posh saloon with xDrive for the pricier versions, and it is believed the model will be offered with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission. A fully fledged M variant is not on agenda as the Bavarians have decided against developing M derivatives of FWD-based models.

We’re hoping more teasers will be published between now and November to ease the wait. The impending reveal of the next-generation 1 Series should give us a pretty good idea of what to expect from its saloon counterpart since we’re expecting the two to be very much alike in the same vein as the strong connection between the A-Class hatch and the CLA.

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