Yesterday (April 16) marked #dontstreamanddrive day, which highlights the risks posed by drivers who choose to 'live-stream'their journeys using mobile phones.

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist threw its weight behind the cause, with the firm's road safety officer Neil Worth saying he couldn't understand why drivers thought the idea of live-streaming journeys was a good idea.

"Using a mobile phone while driving leads to a significant rise in the risk you pose on a journey," he said."Not only will you fail to keep proper control of the car you’re driving, but you will also miss road signs and you will be unable to maintain constant speeds or safe positions on the road."

Young women taking selfies with phone while leaning out car window

"Your ability to identify risks as they unfold will be severely restricted, meaning you most likely won’t be able to react to situations. The result might be anything from a sharp intake of breath through to a devastating and totally avoidable collision."

"Quite frankly it’s hard to believe that anyone would live-stream while in control of a car. After all, why add another layer of entirely avoidable distraction to the already complex task of driving?

Young couple taking selfie with phone while driving

"Our message to drivers who still think it’s acceptable to use a hand-held mobile phone for any purpose while driving is simple. Please put it down and give 100 per cent concentration on safe driving. If you don’t, you are likely to kill someone and you will go to prison for a long time."

The #dontstreamanddrive initiative is led by Neil Dewson-Smyth (@SgtTCS on twitter), who is a police sergeant in the UK with nearly 30 years’ of experience. Dewson-Smyth has a strong passion for road safety and is particularly against the use of mobile phones while driving.