External roll cages are usually something for hardcore off-roaders, in part because the bars offer great spots for tieing down gear or attaching lights, but  Alex Choi has a very take on this aesthetic by applying it to his custom Lamborghini Huracan. For now, Choi calls the result Monkey Bars.

The exterior took inspiration from the flip car in Fast & Furious 6. The external roll cage's bars are a mix of chromoly and stainless steel, and the pink colour is definitely eye-catching. Choi's sponsor Speedtech Lights have him about 42 different lamps, including four spotlights in front and a light bar on the roof. 

The bigger changes are at the back where many of the body panels are gone, but the roll cage maintains the original shape. The original taillights are now upside down – a touch that Choi loves. There's also a massive wing and diffuser back there.

To match the crazy look, there's a similarly insane engine. The 5.2-litre V10 gains a custom twin-turbo setup. The intakes sit above the rear end, and there are massive air filters that come off a semi truck. The builders also create special air-to-air intercoolers for the setup, rather than the usual air-to-liquid layout.

Unfortunately, Choi doesn't get into specifics about the engine's output, but he claims mashing the throttle feels like entering warp speed. Here's hoping a future video shows this off.

Despite the wild look, Monkey Bars is street-legal and meets California emissions. Choi seems to look forward to upsetting Lamborghini purists at cars and coffee meets in the Los Angeles area when they see his bizarre build.

Source: Alex Choi via YouTube