Nobody likes the cold. When temperatures drop well below freezing, it's really hard for us to get out of bed and get going. It turns out, cars feel the same way. Most of us let our cars warm up at least a little bit before driving when it's cold, but what do you do when the car won't even start in the first place?

This YouTube video from Branislav SS shows a highly unorthodox and wildly unsafe method for starting a car in the cold. It goes without saying that we don't recommend this method at all.

Many cars sold in colder climates offer the option of an engine block heater, which can plug into a normal household extension cord to keep the engine warm enough to start. We're sure it was an option on this Ford Transit, but apparently, the company that ordered this work van didn't check that box when it was ordered.

Instead, the driver boldly lights a pile of cardboard on fire beneath the engine, beating back the flames as they threaten to melt the plastic front bumper. It's possibly the worst idea for starting a cold vehicle ever.

Cars, in general, have highly flammable materials used throughout their construction, but perhaps nowhere is the fire risk greater than inside the engine bay. An oil leak could be disastrous – a fuel leak would be tragic.

As the fire grows in strength, it seems like the danger is only increasing. However, amazingly, the technique worked – the engine got warm enough to start, and the Ford drives away, seemingly no worse for the wear.

Still, we're amazed that nobody was hurt and no property was damaged. With winter's icy gold grip giving way to spring warmth, we're glad that we won't have to worry about temperatures this cold for a good long while.

Source: Branislav SS on YouTube