A new spy video indicates the BMW 840i is on the way. It would likely occupy a spot as the entry-level model in the coupe's range.

The exterior of the 840i looks largely identical to the existing M850i, except for the badge on the back. The lack of an xDrive emblem hints that this might be a rear-drive variant of the 8 Series.

The 840i moniker suggests two possible engines for this vehicle. The 540i packs a 3.0-litre turbocharged inline six making 335 bhp and 332 lb-ft. Alternatively, the M340i has a version of this mill with 382 bhp and 369 lb-ft. The latter option seems like the better choice since the higher output is a better match to the 8-Series' sporty demeanor.

Since this is our first time seeing it, there's no info yet about when the 840i could debut. Development should be relatively easy, though, because the 8 Series chassis is complete and the 3.0-litre inline-six is already available. The engineers just need to make the pieces work well together and tweak the electronic aids appropriately. 

Source: cvdzijden - Supercar Videos via YouTube