Some things simply should not work at all. The Porsche 911, for example, has its engine hanging behind the centre line of the rear axle. It's terrible for weight distribution, and given what we think we know about handling, it simply shouldn't work.

But it does – and amazingly well, to boot. As a result, the Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic automobiles of all time. Its distinctive humpbacked shape was born partially of necessity. The shape naturally directed cooling air to the engine.

Now, 911s are liquid cooled, and while the engine has inched forward over the years, the car still has its classic shape. Since that roofline serves no purpose besides nostalgia (and, admittedly, looking as stunning as ever), there's nothing preventing a 911 from become a miniature Panamera Sport Turismo.

Designed by talented designer and visual artist Rain Prisk, this gorgeous Porsche 911 shooting brake concept is another great example of something that shouldn't work. However, I think you'd agree with us when we say that it works beautifully.

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Adding a bit of extra practicality to one of our favourite sports cars is always a good thing, especially when the results are this attractive. Given the choice, we might actually pick this over the standard 911.

The design is based on the newest 911 chassis, the 992. The styling also bears more than a passing resemblance to the aforementioned Panamera Sport Turismo. Renderings that share a family resemblance with the current lineup always have an additional layer of believeability to them.

Of course, the downside to that is that we long for a car that we can't have – a car that doesn't, and won't ever, exist. It's that bittersweet feeling that combines each wonderful fan rendering we see with a distinct sense of wistfulness.

Source: Rain Prisk on Facebook