We've written about this stunning, beautiful McLaren 720S Spider before, but this new video from the official McLaren Automotive YouTube channel sheds more light on the car's unique paint job.

While most mere mortals like us will never have the privilege, almost every high-end automobile manufacturer offers the option to paint, trim, and customise your new car however you'd like, right at the factory while it's being built. From wild exterior hues, to miles of custom-dyed leather upholstery, to additional horsepower, just about anything you want in your new car is yours...for a price.

McLaren 720S Spider By MSO

The unusual paint job on this very special McLaren 720S Spider was handled by McLaren Special Operations, the internal division charged with making their well-heeled customer's dreams come true. The beautiful, deep blue paint colour was created by mixing three colours – Cerulean Blue, Burton Blue, and Abyss Black into a new colour that MSO has dubbed "Coriolis."

McLaren 720S Spider By MSO

Thic Corilois paint was strategically applied as an accent to the Meteorite Grey body. Naturally, Meteorite Grey is another colour created by MSO for special cars and special clients.

According to MSO, the car took 260 hours to paint. Expert painters – true artisans, really – carefully applied the paint in such a way that the fade effects would mimic the way the car moves through the air in a wind tunnel. The effect is simultaneously subtle and arresting, catching your eye the same way a beautiful painting at an art museum might.

McLaren 720S Spider By MSO

Given the painstaking work involved, we don't think it's too much of a stretch to compare this bespoke McLaren roadster with a priceless, influential work of art by one of the great masters. One of MSO's goals in building this car was to show just what lengths they'll go to to satisfy their very discerning customers.

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