If you ever lie in bed at night and think about how much fun it could be to give up everything and for you, a partner, and a pet to live in a custom camper on the open road, then watch this video immediately. The folks from Bound For Nowhere show off their new Toyota-Tundra-based "camper van", and the clip provides an amazing view of owning this adventurous lifestyle.

The Bound For Nowhere crew's full-size Tundra pickup (U.S. only) has a few tweaks for making it better on long journeys, particularly off-road. Up front, there's a shorter front bumper with a bank of LED lights and winch in it. A snorkel air intake on the passenger side A-pillar makes sure the rig can breathe clean air. The pickup also has an upgraded suspension that can cope with the extra load of the living space in the back. An ARB air-locking rear differential helps if the truck really gets stuck.

Instead of the usual pickup bed, there's now a Norweld tray that connects to a Four Wheel Campers Hawk Flatbed. The very top of the living area pops up to provide access to additional space, including access to a second bed. The outside has an extending awning, outdoor shower, and roof-mounted solar cells.  

The interior of the camper shows amazingly efficient use of space. In a fairly tiny area, there are two beds, cooktop, sink, refrigerator, shower, and a whole lot of storage compartments. There's even room for the cat's litter box but no space for the humans to relieve themselves.

A vehicle like this is not for everyone. It requires lots of time spending a lot of time in extremely close proximity to a partner without having anywhere to go to be alone. But for the right folks, this would be a dream machine.