Custom show cars tend to age like milk. Pushing the cutting edge of styling modifications in pursuit of fame, glory, and four-foot-tall trophies often means that the car's look ages very quickly.

This bizarre, six-wheeled Renault Clio is no exception. Spotted at a car show by British YouTuber ADAMC3046, this custom car has been very well preserved, but is, very obviously, a decade or more out of date.

Starting life as a tiny, three-door hatchback, this Renault was stretched out into a pickup truck, and an additional axle was added. The additional "6x2" badging on the tailgate lets us know that this bizarre creation is still driven only by the two front wheels.

The brush guard and auxiliary lighting likely signify an attempt at adding some much-needed machismo to this diminutive pickup. The winch is a nice touch, and we'd hazard a guess that it's never been used.

The Clio still retains its stock, economy-car engine and automatic transmission, which now has to contend with a ton of extra weight but another pair of wheels and their attendant rolling resistance. We imagine that this thing must be pretty awful to drive.

At some point, the money must have run out, as the custom Clio pickup still wears steel wheels all the way around with chrome hubcaps, likely purchased at Halfords.

All that said, the work seems to be well done, and the car has held up well after all these years. The two-tone cream white & electric blue paint hold up well, and we don't see the fibreglass body filler beginning to shrink or pop just yet.

Whoever built this monstrosity years ago built it right, and we have to give credit where it's due for that.