Let’s talk about project cars – those relatively cheap second-hand vehicles we buy to invest tons of money and time on, and never get them completely done – or at least, most of us. A project car could vary from an old, rusty Mini to a slightly damaged new Audi R8 – it always counts as long as it takes all your free time and money. The two things you definitely need before even considering buying a project are a warm garage and a trailer. And not just any trailer.

A company called Airbagged Trailers offers “the world’s best low car trailer” which should make it easy for you to load and unload any project car. And, yes – it rides on an air suspension which allows it to simply drop to the ground for loading. The firm also promises the smoothest towing you could imagine thanks to independent suspension arms and shock absorbers.

Gallery: Airbagged Trailers

The trailer is not only good for low cars but is also suitable for wide vehicles – say, drift or race cars. Its maximum payload is about 2,000 kilograms which means you can safely load a car, a set of tyres (there’s a dedicated adjustable tyre rack), and some parts. Any vehicle can be secured with the available 12 tie down points.

Just like when you purchase a brand new car, Airbagged Trailers will offer you its product in three trim levels. The Basic model costs $11,999 (approx £9,200 at current exchange rates) and comes with LED lighting, height adjustable coupling, onboard battery, and winch bracket. For $13,999 (£10,700), the company adds aluminium wheels, a spare wheel, and stone deflector in the Premium trim, while the range-topping Ultimate brings a toolbox and remote controlled air system. Additionally, you can purchase options such as the aforementioned tyre rack, motorcycle wheel chocks, and solar-powered battery tender.