Mention Honda to a car enthusiast and most people will immediately conjure up a Civic, CR-V, or possibly even an old S2000 in their minds. Say the same word to a biker and the vision will likely be of the two-wheel variety, perhaps a Super Cub or something more aggressive like a CBR100RR. Formula 1 fans will instantly think of Honda’s racing program, and lest we forget about all the Honda lawn mowers holding station at your local hardware store. Long story short – Honda builds a lot of stuff.

A clever new commercial from the manufacturer seeks to capture that broad portfolio of mechanical offerings in a snappy way. The animated clip is fast-paced and packed with jump cuts, but when you have as many products with varying engines as Honda has, the only way to pull off a minute-long commercial is fast-paced. It opens with the manufacturer’s F1 programme, but just when you think it’s an advertisement for racing one of the F1 cars morphs into . . . a unicycle? Specifically, that looks like a Honda Uni-CUB, but it doesn’t matter because other F1 cars begin changing as well. One converts to a moped, while another trades its wheels for a hull and a pair of big Honda outboard engines.

Gallery: Powered By Honda Commercial

Our favourite is probably the lawn mower, which clearly represents the company’s one-off crazy racing machine as opposed to the riding tractors selling at your nearby home improvement store. The Civic and NSX make an appearance of course, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, Honda reminds you that oh yeah, the company makes freaking jets too.

The theme (and the name) of the short video clip is Powered By Honda, and honestly, we’re not sure why this gem wasn’t reserved for the Super Bowl. It’s a visually exciting reminder that Honda’s presence in the world extends far beyond hatchbacks and SUVs.

Source: Honda Racing F1 via YouTube