A pavise is a type of large shield.

Hyundai has filed for a trademark application to protect the name Pavise. However, rather than submitting the paperwork in a major auto market like the United States or Europe, the company applied for it in New Zealand. Auto Guide first discovered the filing.

Hyundai's application says the Pavise name is for "automobiles; vans [vehicles]; trucks; motor buses; electric vehicles." The company filed the paperwork on April 3, 2019. The New Zealand Intellectual Property Office currently shows the trademark's status as "under examination," so the automaker doesn't yet have the rights to use the name.

Searches for Hyundai applying for the Pavise trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and European Union Intellectual Property Office did not return any results.

A pavise is a type of shield that guards the entire body. Archers generally carried them and placed the pavise into the ground as protection while reloading their arrows or crossbows.

The name has a connotation with security and safety that could be right for a future crossover or pickup.

As with any trademark application, there's no guarantee that a Pavise-branded vehicle would ever actually arrive, either as a concept or production vehicle. The company might just have it under consideration and want to guard the moniker against another automaker snapping up the name.

Source: The New Zealand Intellectual Property Office via Auto Guide