It's got two bars, a hot tub, and more TVs than some department stores.

We’ve been covering quite a few modest campers and motorhomes as of late. If you’re looking for more of the same, we have some related links down below you can click because there’s nothing remotely modest about this 44-foot (13.4 metre) trailer. Heartland brought this expansive home-away-from-home called the Cyclone 4270 to the recent RVX expo in Utah, but it’s not exactly a showroom-stock caravan. This one is tricked out to be the craziest party caravan you’ve ever seen, and the inflatable hot tub on the outside is only the beginning.

New Atlas tipped us off to the existence of this mobile party station, and even in stock trim this fifth-wheeler caravan is all about excess. For starters, the 4270 has its own mini garage large enough to carry motorcycles, four wheelers, or as shown below, a brilliant side-by-side. On game day that space can be utilised for an extra bar complete with a beer keg refrigerator.

Gallery: Heartland Cyclone Ultimate Tailgate Caravan

Photo Credit: C.C. Weiss/New Atlas

And yes, we said extra because the standard kitchen inside the trailer already takes on a bar motif. For this special ultimate tailgating creation, Heartland adds four 55-inch flat-screen televisions to the wall sports-bar style across from the sofa. There are more televisions in the garage and mounted outside, and to make sure everyone within a quarter-mile radius hears all the action, a bank of amps and speakers are added inside adjacent to the kitchen.

Other party pieces include a brilliant screened-off porch area, and yes, there is an inflatable hot tub from Coleman though to be fair, that can be purchased and plugged in with any kind of camper. Still, it’s a nice touch to a massive caravan built for one reason – to party hearty no matter the venue.

How much does such a tailgating machine cost? A typical 4270 can run upwards of $100,000 (approx. £75,000 at the current exchange rate) depending on additional equipment, but as far as we can tell there are no plans to build a custom creation such as this. New Atlas explains this one-off of the 4270 was created for a special tailgater contest at RVX – and apparently it won handily – though it wouldn’t be extremely difficult to add most of these extras to this range-topping Cyclone trailer.