A brand mainly known for creating exciting two-door sports cars, Porsche has expanded its portfolio to include three SUVs, a saloon, and even a estate. Later this year, the lineup will further grow to include another saloon, which will eventually be joined by this – another estate. These two new arrivals will be vastly different than familiar nameplates such as the 911, Boxster/Cayman, and Panamera as the Taycan duo will eschew the combustion engine in favour of a pure electric setup.

The regular Taycan saloon due in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show has been spied and teased to death, but the more practical Taycan Cross Turismo is still somewhat of a rare sight on the Internet. Shown as a concept a little over a year ago in Geneva, the rugged estate in prototype form is currently undergoing testing at the Nürburgring.

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Featuring a raised suspension, the long-roof Porsche has a pair of comically fake exhaust tips and is wearing a lot of camouflage even though at a first glance it might look undisguised. There’s black tape at the front and rear, along with stickers on the headlights and taillights to hide what will likely be a Panamera-esque design.

The technical specifications are already pretty much known considering the Taycan Cross Turismo is expected to utilise the same electric bits as the saloon. The latter will have more than 600 bhp from two electric motors and a battery pack with enough juice for a range between charges of at least 310 miles. The saloon will need three and a half seconds to reach 62 mph, but the estate might be a tad slower due to its heavier weight.

Spec for spec, the Cross Turismo will surely command a premium over the regular model, much like the Panamera Sport Turismo is pricier than the standard Panamera.

Porsche says it will launch the Taycan Cross Turismo “at the start of the next decade,” so expect the production version to debut sometime in 2020.

Photos: Automedia