Lamborghini deserves some credit for making absolutely no effort at making people think that it's 2019 April Fool's joke is a real product. Even though you can't buy the caravan, we think the supercar maker's idea for an angular trailer is still brilliant enough to be worth seeing. 


Lamborghini's Centro Stile division starts from the automaker's famously angular design aesthetic that dates back to the Countach. However, retaining the low-slung layout of the firm's supercars wouldn't allow for very much storage space, so this trailer looks to be about twice as tall as the Huracan towing it.

Lamborghini's design for the trailer doesn't make it entirely clear whether the stylists imagine this being a tiny caravan or just offering a way to haul an owner's stuff, since Lambo's don't generally have much cargo space. The lights at the front and side-mounted doors hint that the rig would provide a place for two people to take an overnight rest. 

A setup like this would be a stylish and useful way to enjoy the endurance racing season. Take a trip to the Nürburgring 24 Hours or 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Lamborghini, roll up to the campsite, and enjoy the event from the most eye-catching caravan around.

One odd aspect about this rendering is why the designers don't show a Urus towing the trailer. The company wants people to know that you can take its new SUV off-road. To put the message across, not showing one in this good looking April Fool's Day prank seems like a missed opportunity.  If you can tailgate in a Bentley Bentayga, a Urus seems like a perfect choice for an extremely luxurious camping trip.