"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

This old adage holds true to cars. Each individual would have a different pick when it comes to the most beautiful car in the world. Some would argue that it's the Alfa Romeo Giulia, while some may choose the MX-5 (or anything Mazda, really). With the diversity of responses, one thing's for sure – there's no definite answer.

Looking on the other side, however, what would be the most unattractive car in the world? A quick Google search for "ugliest cars in the world" would reveal one ugly truth: the Fiat Multipla is consistently present in the lists of the most hideous-looking vehicles on the planet.

Fiat Multipla
It's not hard to see why this car is regarded to be one of the ugliest cars on Earth.

It's a common consensus, and it's easy to see why. With an alien-like proportion and a weird set of lights at the base of the windscreen, the Multipla looks quite offensive. It's really hard to understand the rationale behind this design.

Some cars can be quirky, to the point that they pique the interest of individuals and could pass as an acquired taste. But not the Multipla. Anyone who has a pair of working eyes would definitely agree that it's an ugly car.

While some say that redesigning the Multipla is hopeless, our favourite sketch guy on Youtube, TheSketchMonkey, begs to differ. He's the guy who unofficially modernised the Datsun 240Z because of his infatuation with the original Z car. Due to insistent public demand, he took the challenge and tried to redesign the Fiat Multipla.

Although the final sketch is still odd, the redesigned Multipla is a bit palatable when compared to the real thing. Kudos to him for the effort; it wasn't an easy task. See the video on top of this page for the whole process.

Now, what can this guy redesign next? Looks like the Pontiac Aztek is a strong candidate.