Despite its incredible off-the-line, all-electric torque, the Tesla Model 3 is not a car that lends itself to spinouts and drifting. This is because the Tesla all-wheel-drive traction control system is first-rate. In most cases, this is positive. However, being able to ultimately control your ride in any way you choose definitely has its merits.

Most people buying a Tesla Model 3 won't plan to use it in this way on a regular basis, so the advanced traction control is a welcome feature. However, at times, some drivers may choose to hit the track or, under the right circumstances, may just want to partake in a bit of fun, showing off the saloon's impressive power.

This recent video share proves the difficulty in overcoming the all-wheel-drive Model 3's prodigious handling prowess. However, it also demonstrates that if you try hard enough, you may be able to get this Tesla to spin out, drift, and even perform 360-degree doughnuts.

There's no doubt that the Model 3 can top many competing models when it comes to acceleration and handling. The best part is that now, you can finally get one for about £27,000. Some thought the base model would never grace or presence, but it's available for order on Tesla's website. To top it off, delivery time is relatively quick.

Video Description via EVlectric on YouTube:

First Ever Tesla Model 3 Doughnuts!

This is the first ever video of a Dual Motor NON PERFORMANCE Tesla Model 3 doing full rotating doughnuts and drifts!

Source: YouTube