What happens when you line up a Tesla Model S P100D, a Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-Door, and a BMW M5 Competition on one end of a smooth stretch of airstrip? Awesomeness happens, that's what. A battle royale to the fateful finish that determines a performance pecking order.

This is what we have for you in the video above, and more. The group of premium brand representatives race each other four-wide for ultimate straight-line saloon supremacy. First from a standing start, and then again as they roll down the runway, pushing throttles to the floor at 50-miles-per-hour.

Now, if the setup seems somewhat familiar, then you are likely a loyal reader. We featured this same bit of racing a couple of weeks ago. Now, though, the good folks at CarWow have released a new 360-degree view version. This means you can catch the action from all the angles by tilting your mobile device, or by grabbing and moving the video with your mouse. The camera is mounted on the roof of the Porsche.

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Besides the brands being represented, so are assorted drivetrains. The BMW and Mercedes have power plants that speak to the passing era of internal combustion, while the Porsche and Tesla represent the present and near future, being a plug-in hybrid and all-electric, respectively.

Besides a look at how well the cars go, we also get a look at how well they stop. The results here may actually be surprising. And, speaking of results, we're not giving those away, so you'll have to mash that play button if you want to satisfy your curiosity. If you'd like to have another look at the original presentation with more commentary and in-car footage, we have that waiting for you just below. Enjoy!


Source: CarWowd