A new independent study of 1,002 adult drivers aged between 18-65 has revealed that more than a third (38 percent) of British motorists resort to shouting obscenities if something angers them while driving.

The HPI study also revealed that Glaswegians are the most potty-mouthed of all British motorists with more than half (53 percent) of drivers from the Scottish city resorting to foul language when behind the wheel.

Next up was Bristol (44 percent) and Birmingham (43 percent), while Norwich and Leeds (42 percent), Manchester (41 percent), Edinburgh (36 percent) and Liverpool and Nottingham (35 percent) also featured highly on the list of most potty-mouthed motorists.

Stressed man swearing and talking on phone while driving

On the other hand, Cardiff drivers were revealed to be the coolest, with less than one in 10 (9 percent) resorting to profanity.

A fifth of the drivers surveyed said that they chad sworn in front of their children while in a fit of road rage, with women (23 percent) more likely to do so than men (16 percent).

"It’s important not to over-react when behind the wheel of a vehicle," said Fernando Garcia, consumer director at HPI. "Many drivers resort to swearing, shouting or gesturing at others on the road but all this does is lead to greater anger and frustration."

Angry woman driving in car

"It’s best to remain calm and to concentrate on what is happening on the road rather than getting one over on another motorist or road user who has done something to cause a reaction," Garcia added. "It can take a great amount of self-control to do this, but safety behind the wheel is of paramount importance."

HPI's survey also highlighted:

  • Nationally, over two thirds (69 percent) of drivers said they swear when they are driving
  • If something irritates them on the road, women are more likely to swear while driving than men (41 percent vs 34 percent)
  • Middle age swearing is the worst with the worst offenders between 35-54
  • Over a third (39 percent) of 25-34-year-olds have got out of their car to express anger at another driver
  • Mancunians are most likely to swear in front of their children in the vehicle (35 percent). Drivers in Sheffield (9 percent) are least likely to swear in front of junior passengers
  • Mancunians are the angriest drivers with 60% likely to take out their anger on other road users following a bad day. Glaswegians are the next most irate citizens (50 percent). Drivers in Newcastle are least likely to take out their anger following a bad day on other road users (8 percent)
Angry driver man giving the middle finger