Someone has bought the world's cheapest Rolls-Royce Phantom, and they've decided to give us a tour of their new purchase on YouTube. It's a video we'd expect to see from Hoovie, Doug DeMuro, or maybe even Tavarish. Instead, it comes to us from Hollywood prop car magnate Bob Moseley, better known as Videobob.

Apparently, owning a Phantom has been a longtime dream of Bob's, and judging by his enthusiasm and the overall condition of the car, we couldn't be happier. Like any used, cheap exotic, it's going to need some work to be back at 100 percent again, but we still think that this thing was well-bought.

The car in question is a 2004 model that he paid a paltry $65,000 (approx. £50,000) for, and, according to Bob, it's not a wrecked, salvage title car either. It was owned by a company that rented it out for weddings and other occasions, and as such it's a little rough around the edges. Bob shows us every detail in the in-depth, 38 minute long video, filmed in the shadow of one of his Back to the Future  DeLoreans.

Besides a noticeable leak from the front end, Bob says it's a mechanically sound car that runs well. Despite its rental history, the body appears to be in decent shape, as the original silver paint was wrapped in a two-tone white and black motif. Just a few pieces of missing trim to speak of, which are, unfortunately, quite expensive to replace.

There is one issue with the body, though. The wheels and tyres were replaced by larger, aftermarket units to eliminate the costly runflat system. Costing thousands of dollars to replace, it was probably wise for the previous owner to swap them out.

When these cars sit, the suspension tends to sag, and at one point, the fiberglass front wing on the passenger side was damaged by sitting atop the tyre. That said, with Bob being in the  movie prop business, a little fiberglass repair doesn't scare him in the least.

It's always happy to see people get their dream cars, and we'll be checking up on Bob as he gets his bargain-priced Phantom sorted out.