We’re just a few weeks out from the Ferrari F8 Tributo’s debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, but already there’s been a public spotting of the hot new supercar. It wasn’t exactly hiding from cameras, as the above video clearly demonstrates. Joining the F8 on London side streets was an array of supercars and full-blown racers, not the least of which was a Ferrari Formula 1 car.

According to the video description, the action took place outside HR Owen Ferrari in South Kensington. For those unfamiliar with the London scene, South Kensington is a rather affluent section of West London, which certainly explains why a smattering of supercars might show up to check out Ferrari’s new mid-engined prizefighter. That doesn’t really explain the random F1 car parallel-parked outside the dealership, but such is life when you sell Ferraris from a swanky London showroom.

Gallery: Ferrari F8 In London

Of course, the F8 Tributo isn’t exactly new. Beneath the tweaked skin are the bones and heart of the 488 Pista, right down to the 710-bhp 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8. It also gains some of the Pista’s aero cues on its redesigned front fascia, but of particular interest to fans of previous Ferraris is the rear clip. Those quad taillights haven't been seen since the F430, and the wraparound bodywork in which they’re contained harkens all the way back to the Ferrari 308. Further up, the louvred engine cover isn’t an exact copy of the one used on the legendary F40, but it’s close enough to make us all giddy when we see it.

Ferrari says the F8 hits 62 mph in 2.9 seconds and reaches 211 mph flat-out. In other words, take a good look now because as the F8 finds its way into public domain, don’t expect to see one sitting still very often.