The Audi RS6 provides a tantalising mix of performance and utility, and these spy shots catch a heavily camouflaged example of the next-gen estate on the road.

Oddly, this Audi RS6 test prototype wears significantly more camouflage than the previous spy shots from June 2018. The concealment can't hide the large corner intakes and more prominent splitter. The black areas on the front and rear wings are very likely for the sensors for the driver assistance tech. The estate rides on a set of big, black wheel with five sets of V-shaped spokes. At the back, a spoiler accentuates the roof, and there are a pair of huge, oval-shaped exhaust pipes.

Gallery: Audi RS6 Avant spy shots

There are still only rumours about the new RS6's powertrain. A report from 2018 indicates the performance estate might have 605 bhp – the same output as the existing RS6 Performance model – but torque might grow to 590 pound-feet rather than the current 553 lb-ft.

Alternatively, an earlier rumour indicates the RS6 might be available in two tunes. The 605-bhp version would be the base model, but power-hungry buyers would be able to pay more for a 650-bhp variant. The more potent model might get its boost by being a hybrid.

As a range-topping Audi performance vehicle, all-wheel drive is an extremely safe bet for the new RS6 Avant. The one in these spy shots also has cross-drilled brake discs and large callipers.

The current speculation puts the RS6 Avant's debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Sales in Europe may start before the end of the year. Unfortunately for Americans, the chances of the model arriving there are far less clear because the only Audi wagon currently available is the A4 Allroad. Bringing an expensive, niche model like the RS6 Avant into the SUV-crazed country seems unlikely.

Source: Carpix