Sound quality is subjective. Loudness is not. The latter can be measured, whereas quality is really dependent on the individual listener.

The Ferrari F12 TDF's exhaust note is driven by the car's mighty 12-cylinder engine. The sound has a certain distinct resonance to it that is unmistakably a V12 Ferrari. Of course, you pay for this almost-trademarked sound, but surely it's a price many are willing to pony up for.

On the flip side of this loudness matchup equation is a set of beautifully crafted Bang & Olufsen speakers. You pay dearly for these too. A set of these Beolab 90 flagship speakers from Bang & Olufsen will cost you more than a rather decent camper, or approximately £65,000.

What's interesting here is that both the Ferrari and the Bang & Olufsen speakers are known for sound quality, not necessarily the loudness level. Regardless, the latter is what's being tested here.

Let's not dwell on this for any longer. It's test time. Push play in the video above to see if it's the car of the pair of gorgeous speakers that cranks it out for the win.

Video description:

What's louder? The Ferrari F12 TDF's exhaust resonating the combustion of the naturally aspirated 770hp V12 OR Bang & Olufsen's flagship speaker?

The £60,000 Beolab 90 loudspeakers? The Ferrari F12 TDF has 12 cylinders, the Beolab 90's have 18 speakers...each! The TDF has 770hp the B&O's have 8200 watts...each! But what is louder!?

Let's find out in today's video down at NVN London