Affluent people, meaning those who have burning cash inside their pockets, may not realise this but they have a quibble when it comes to buying a Mercedes-Benz S-Class – it can only seat four including the chauffeur. That means if the business meeting would be for four people, you will need to have your assistant reserve a table at your favourite restaurant.

However, Klassen might have just solved that problem with its version of the V-Class. The German aftermarket genius has found a way to bring your meetings inside the MPV but would be as equally luxurious as an S-Class.

Gallery: Mercedes V-Class Klassen

Klassen, which literally means class, stands by its name when it comes to pimping this long-wheelbase Mercedes V-Class. Upon opening the automatic doors, you would be greeted with four individual seats that are covered in fine materials.

According to the presenter above, MercBenzKing, the seats do have a feel of Mercedes S-Class. Well, that's because they are lifted straight out of the ultimate Mercedes saloon. Aside from the fine leather materials used, carbon fibre is another material that's prominent inside the Klassen Mercedes V-Class.

But that's not the best part yet. The Klassen V-Class' main talent is its electronically-adjusted features in the cabin. Everything can be controlled via an iPad for the third row, which includes the ambient lighting, seat controls, massager, extra tables, drawers, and even the front and rear cameras (or both). The MPV even has a PlayStation 4 installed.

Even better, everything can be controlled via voice commands, which MercBenzKing happily demoed in the video on top of this page. 

We reckon you will never have to lift a finger inside this MPV. But, you will have to lift more than a few fingers if you want to buy the Klassen V-Class as its website shows that it's available upon request.