We love sneaky sleepers. Anyone with an inkling of octane in their bloodstream should love sleepers, unless you’ve been thoroughly beaten and humiliated by one. Don’t take it personally – that’s why sleepers are so cool. It’s been quite a while since we saw one quite as crazy as this unassuming white Geo Tracker, and yes, if you’re craving a turn-key jaw-dropper, this V8-powered mini-missile is for sale.

The Drive uncovered this terrific Tracker for sale on Craigslist, where the seller is asking $14,500, or £10,975 at the current rates. Ordinarily, such a price on a 1993 Geo anything would elicit a 30-second episode of unrestrained, possibly even painful laughter, but this Tracker is far from ordinary. Saving this Geo from a destitute life of mediocrity is an unnamed horsepower hero from the Las Vegas area who proved that – once again – an LS swap can make all things better.

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Similarly, turbos make LS swaps better and this Tracker doesn’t disappoint. The ad doesn’t go into tremendous detail, and no horsepower figures are offered but the boost is said to come on “fast and hard.” The engine has quite a few other modifications aside from the turbo, and to make sure it’s at least somewhat manageable at the track, it uses a two-step system for launching because simply footbraking it apparently results in a massive wheelie. We like wheelies, but admittedly, we’d be scared as hell engaging in such tomfoolery inside a freaking Geo Tracker.


The interior is fitted with the requisite safety gear and harness to go drag racing, but the ad also mentions the Geo having a standard seat belt for city driving. Yes, apparently it’s still street-legal, but at the track, it’ll run a 9.8-second quarter-mile pass at 132 mph. The ad wraps up with a wise observation that this is not a beginner’s car – not that any car capable of such speed is something suited for a novice driver. But we can certainly see this mental Geo being considerably harder to handle than, say, a Dodge Challenger Demon.

The ad has been up for a month, and honestly, we don’t think it’s because of the price. Is there anyone out there with the guts to strap into this terrifyingly awesome creation?

Source: The Drive, Craigslist, Vegas Drag and Brag via YouTube