The first time we wrote about this Koenigsegg Regera, with its painstakingly hand-polished, bare carbon fibre body, we felt like a young boy finding a nudie magazine discarded in the woods. We'd never seen a car like that before, and we had no idea that the bare material under the paint could look that beautiful.

That's not to say that we don't love carbon fibre – it's a very functional sort of attractive. Carbon fibre wings, diffusers, and trim grant a car an authoritative, high-performance look. It's purposeful, a triumph of strength and light weight. Before now, it was never something we'd call beautiful, though.

This YouTube video from SellerieCimes of that same Koenigsegg Regera departing the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month reminded us of just how gorgeous that car was, especially under the fluorescent lights of the venue, moving under its own power.

It sounds kind of funny, but it's sometimes easy to forget that even cars like the Koenigsegg Regera have a purpose: to be driven. While it looks stunning standing still, seeing it driving, as a functional piece of sculpture, reminds us of just how impressive its beauty truly is.

While the process of polishing the bare carbon fibre Koenigsegg Regera is tedious and challenging, its upkeep is apparently pretty simpler. A careless mistake during the polishing process can ruin an entire body panel, but once polished, the panels are apparently highly scratch-resistant.

Of course, being a Koenigsegg, the only thing more beautiful than the car itself is the sound it makes, on full display in the video. With just 80 produced, the Regera is a rare beauty, fit for a museum or an art gallery – or our garage.

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