Garage 54, those crazy Russian car nuts on YouTube, are all too happy to answer the questions we were all afraid to ask. Not content to merely shove engine after engine into a hapless Lada, they decided to see what would happen if someone made a tyre out of rubber bands.

The logic seems sound on the surface. Tyres are rubber, and so are rubber bands. With enough rubber bands, it should be possible to drive on them, right?

A testament to the channel's popularity, the Garage 54 ENG channel uploads full English dubs of Garage 54 videos, allowing us to follow along with the action more easily. As we can see in the video, it's hard to find rubber bands that will stretch around a car wheel.

Tying two rubber bands together seems to get the job done. Apparently, it took three evenings of hard work to finish the project. With an incredible 25,000 rubber bands wrapped around the wheel, it's fitted to the Mercedes-Benz 190E test car.

At slow speeds, the car seems to drive fine, and it's even comfortable, providing a soft ride. That changes rapidly as power is applied, instantly shredding the rubber bands and undoing three nights' worth of hard work. That's the nature of entertainment for you.

It seems that the gravel in the parking lot was getting caught in between the rubber bands, tearing them up. To send the project off in a grand fashion, it's time for a burnout. The resulting multicoloured rain of rubber bands appears to be the most fun any person has ever had with office supplies. In a mere 20 seconds, three nights worth of work was undone. It looks to us like it was well worth it.