Aston Martin is the most recent manufacturer of high-end luxury sports cars to try their hand at developing an SUV. In true Aston Martin fashion, it will be poised, luxurious, understated, and brutally fast. For the time being, though, the engineers are having a blast making sure it's competent off-road, too.

This video from the official Aston Martin YouTube channel shows a camouflaged Aston Martin DBX test mule being put through its paces in Sweden as part of cold-weather testing. All work and no play makes the DBX a dull boy, so nearly every frame of the brief, 40-second video clip shows the prototype sliding through the snow, throwing up impressive rooster tails of loose powder.

According to Aston Martin's website, the DBX has also been tested in Wales on a rally stage. Here, the DBX displayed its off-road prowess while giving the engineers vital information they can use to make tweaks ahead of the final release of the production version.

While teasing he DBX's fourth-quarter release, Aston-Martin's website also teased a few other test locations for the new high-performance SUV: the frozen tundra of the Arctic (as well as Sweden, apparently), the burning hot deserts of the Middle East, the German Autobahn, and – you guessed it – the Nurburgring.

It's hard to find new things to say about high-dollar luxury SUVs from performance manufacturers. It seems like everyone is building one these days. In the case of the DBX, it at least seems like Aston Martin's engineers are making sure that this new vehicle is more than just an SUV with an important name. If it's as fun to drive as it looks in this short video, the DBX will be an Aston Martin in the truest sense.

Source: Aston Martin on YouTube