The Volvo XC90 could be the basis for a great looking pickup if the automaker ever wants to expand into the segment. If you don't believe us check out the new renderings from artist TheSketchMonkey. He starts out sketching the hauler on paper and then gets on the computer to create the rendering in Photoshop.

While it distorts some of the XC90's features, especially the wheelbase, the pickup sketch has a more attractive look to our eyes. The short front overhang and long upward sweep at the rear creates a handsome line along the lower section of the vehicle. He also incorporates a tiny roof spoiler at the back of the cab. 

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The Photoshop rendering actually looks quite a bit different from the drawing. The front end is fairly similar, but the pillar for the cab is thicker. The wheelbase is longer, which makes the bed seem longer but also shortens the rear overhang. It creates a slightly awkward appearance because the cargo area seems out of balance with the rest of the body.

Unfortunately, there's no chance that the Volvo factory of entering the truck market anytime soon. Instead, the company has spent the last several years launching its 60- and 90-series models. The new range of 40-series products, like the new XC40, have just started to roll out. The latest V40 is next with an arrival sometime in 2019.

The artist who goes by TheSketchMonkey also uses this video as an opportunity to explain his background. He went to school for industrial design in Sweden, and then got a master's degree in automotive design in Italy. He now lives in Florida and focuses on teaching sketching.

Source:  TheSketchMonkey via YouTube, Facebook