Despite the mixed initial reactions from petrolheads after the debut of the new Toyota Supra, the sports car from Japan is already enjoying strong pre-orders. In fact, all European units for 2019 have already been sold out and the company will begin accepting orders for 2020 soon.

But a new Supra always means one thing – tuning companies have fresh new material for their wild projects, and this new build from Japan’s Tra-Kyoto and its Rocket Bunny brand is here to prove that. The studio has released the first renderings and a CGI video depicting something it calls the Pandem Supra.

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The mix of a Japanese sports car and a tuning firm from the same country could mean only one thing – super wide body kit, large fixed spoiler, stance-style suspension, and custom wheels. All these ingredients are part of Tra-Kyoto’s project plus some additional diffusers and a more expressive exhaust system.

Obviously, this is just an early phase of the development process as we are still dealing with computer drawings. The tuners are not providing an exact reveal date and we suppose it will take at least a few months until we see the Pandem Supra in real-life photos.

“No further details yet… Please stand by for future updates,” says Rocket Bunny’s official Instagram channel. Well, we will wait.

Tra-Kyoto is not the first company to put its hands on the new Supra. Earlier this year, we saw a similar project from Prior Design and CX Racing is already working on a 2JZ swap kit for the model.

Source: Rocket Bunny via CarThrottle