The Porsche Cayenne Coupé (name not yet final) will have an unveiling later in March and will be on sale in the UK this fall, according to Managing Director of Porsche Cars Great Britain, Marcus Eckermann, speaking to Autocar

Gallery: Porsche Cayenne Coupe spy photos

While we don't know many official details about the Cayenne Coupe, including whether that moniker is the actual name, plenty of spy shots provide a great look at the upcoming crossover. Forward of the B-pillar, the new variant looks identical to the existing Cayenne. Things change at the rear where the designers sculpt the tail into a fastback shape. Like other coupe-inspired utility vehicles, the design tweaks likely reduce rear cargo room and possibly second-row headroom to create a sleeker silhouette. In an odd touch, there's an active spoiler just above the taillights and a fixed wing on the roof (see below).

Porsche Cayenne Coupe Spy Shots

The Cayenne Coupe's interior is a bit more of a mystery. It's very safe to expect that the cabin looks a lot like that existing Cayenne, but the designers might have some small tweaks to create a greater differentiation between the two vehicles.

Mechanically, the Cayenne Coupe should be mechanically identical to the existing model. Spy shots tell us that a performance-oriented Turbo version and E-Hybrid is under development as a choice for buyers looking for more speed. It's not yet clear how many powertrains might be available at launch.