In case you’ve missed our “Best and Worst” story from Geneva, yours truly picked the second-generation Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake as his favourite car. The nice blend of style and practicality fused with the high-tech cabin create a well-rounded package, and for those in need of more muscle over the CLA 250 SB, new spy shots show a hotter AMG 35 is on its way.

If you’re finding the 221 bhp and 258 pound-feet of torque offered by the current range-topping version insufficient, the first AMG variant will up the output ante to 302 bhp and 295 lb-ft as seen in the A35 hot hatch. Eventually, there’s going to be a new CLA 45 Shooting Brake and it will pack 383 bhp in the base model and a whopping 416 bhp in the S.

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 Shooting Brake spy photos

You could say the camouflage on this car is a bit pointless considering we all know how it’s going to look, but it’s nice to have confirmation the folks from Affalterbach will spice up the sporty estate. The CLA is already a niche model due to its swoopy body style, but the Shooting Brake is even rarer since it virtually doesn’t have a rival. As for the AMG versions, these will furthermore narrow the targeted market in the premium compact segment.

Performance should be on just about the same level with the A35, so expect the 0-62 mph to take somewhere in the region of 4.7 seconds before maxing out at 155 mph. Like the hatchback, the estate will be offered exclusively with all-wheel drive and a dual-clutch, seven-speed automatic transmission.

The softer AMG version is expected to land later this year, quite possibly at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. With the regular version just debuting this week in Geneva, Mercedes will probably wait a while before coming out with the big guns.

Photos: CarPix