Cool brake callipers are one of those awesome automotive oddities that just about every auto enthusiast loves. We say oddities because callipers are such a small detail compared to the massive, grin-inducing visual effect they can have on people. No company understands that better than Brembo, and now the brake specialists are pushing beyond basic colours to bring a bit more personality to those small-but-critical components living behind your wheels.

Sadly, none of these creative designs will go into production, but at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show Brembo showed nine concept callipers that certainly grabbed our attention. In a press release, the company said it was “inspired by the world of fashion, design, art, and style,” leading to the various creations featured in the gallery below. And yes, an argyle sweater calliper is among them. Imagine seeing such callipers fitted to a Jaguar E-Type restomod. Let the hilarity ensue.

Brembo Caliper Argyle

Other designs are a bit more artistic, such as the orange calliper with a classic camouflage pattern, and the meticulous dragon tattoo that features a simple white background with intricate black detailing. A nature-themed calliper wearing a greenery design would be perfect on hybrid and electric vehicles, and we can see the yellow-spotted feline coat calliper looking good on anything with a bright yellow exterior.

Of the more abstract variety are the 1970s and 1990s-themed callipers. It’s amazing how just a few colours can capture a decade, but nothing says 1977 better than yellow with brown and orange shapes. Jumping ahead to the ‘90s is the black calliper with fluorescent characters. Similarly abstract is the cool street art calliper, painted white with brightly coloured people in various poses.

Brembo Caliper Glitter

Then there’s the glitter calliper. Actually, it’s not as ostentatious as it sounds. Finished in a simple grey with glitter in the shade, we find it refreshingly simple and elegant. Call it the calliper-of-choice for your Rolls-Royce.

Could Brembo be onto something with flashy callipers like these? A simple solid colour certainly looks good on the right car, but we wouldn’t mind bolting up some of these snazzy designs to our rides.


Gallery: Brembo brake calliper covers

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Brembo continues to experiment with colour, playing with the latest
trends in fashion, art, style and design.

Since its very first famous red caliper more than 25 years ago, Brembo has increasingly
focused on and pushed for the colour of its products in order to characterize and
strengthen the distinctive features of each car it equips.

Today it continues to amaze and, after almost sixty years of innovation, goes further, with
a provocation on colour, which once again makes it a pioneer not only in technology, but
also in design.

For the Geneva Motor Show, in fact, Brembo was inspired by the world of fashion, design,
art and style to coat some of its calipers with unusual "clothes" for a car component, in a
journey of provocations, chromatic suggestions and graphic textures.

You can see the caliper painted with a camouflage pattern, a classic, here revisited in the
colour of the year* or, for lovers of luxury, the glittered caliper, and for the trendiest and
most irreverent, here is the caliper with the unmistakable reference to the famous English
fabric with argyle pattern.

The journey continues with a look at the past, with the "vintage" caliper, simple and
minimal, which recalls the geometries of the '70s, or the caliper with fluorescent,
contrasting and sometimes excessive colours of the '90s, and again with a creative caliper
inspired by writers and street art.

Brembo's experiments do not stop there: if the new trend of the moment suggests an
aggressive look, here is the caliper that recalls the spotted coat of the felines, and the
tattooed caliper, with its dragon. And for nature lovers, there is also a green interpretation.

These are just a few suggestions that will not go into production and that Brembo presents
to underline the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality, which make each Brembo
caliper an icon of style.