Looking like a Ford E-Series van of the future, the Pinnacle Finetza is a luxury motorhome from India that hides a neat trick in the back. Upon arriving at your destination, the rear extends to make a little more space for the folks inside. Pinnacle claims that its the first Indian firm to offer an expandable motorhome. 

Pinnacle Finetza RV

The Finetza's interior looks quite plush but with a very beige colour scheme in these images. A customer could tweak the shades, though. Buyers can also customise the seating arrangement throughout the rest of the vehicle to include recliners or a motorised sofa that converts into a bed. A fixed sleeping area is available, too. A variety of table layouts include folding and sliding designs for getting rid of them when the flat areas aren't necessary. Depending on the configuration, a Finetza can sleep two to eight people.

Pinnacle Finetza RV

When it's time to relax, there are multiple screens around the cabin, and there's a home theater system for connecting things like video game consoles, movie streaming equipment, or music devices. Adjustable ambient lighting lets owners set the mood.

For keeping fed, the Finetza has a tiny kitchenette that includes a refrigerator, oven, and electric kettle. The WC comes standard with a toilet, and there's an optional shower.

Pinnacle doesn't offer many technical details about the Finetza. The company's website only mentions that it has a monocoque body and air suspension. The firm doesn't offer powertrain details about the machine, though.

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