Almost a quarter of parents in the UK has admitted that the high cost of car insurance is putting them off encouraging their kids to learn how to drive.

A new survey by Young Driver revealed that 24 percent of parents are put off by the high cost of insurance for their kids – as a result one in seven (15 percent) think that the best way to skirt the issue is by having the parent as the main driver with the youngster added on as an additional named driver. However, that practice – commonly known as fronting – is illegal and effectively makes the insurance policy invalid.

Now to help younger drivers, Young Driver On the Road, in partnership with iKube Insurance, has launched comprehensive cover for newly qualified drivers from £95 a month, or just £22 a week. The scheme is available to teens who have had multiple lessons with Young Driver. Combined vehicle leasing and insurance packages for a brand new 1.4 litre Vauxhall Corsa five Door Hatch with sat nav and full insurance is also available starting from just £270 a month.

Young Driver teaches 10-17 year-olds to drive

"Not all new drivers are the same and there shouldn’t be a blanket high cost to getting on the road. For too long new drivers have been quoted ridiculously high insurance premiums, disadvantaging several generations," said Laura White, Young Driver’s head of marketing, said. "We know our lessons help create safer drivers, so it’s common sense that our past pupils should benefit in terms of insurance costs. Using iKube’s telematics knowledge and our refresher lessons, Young Driver On The Road is proud to offer a highly competitive novice driver insurance cover, whilst also helping to keep the roads safer. Education shouldn’t stop as soon as you pass the test."

Young teen learning to drive

Motoring journalist and Young Driver patron, Quentin Willson added: "Hideously high new driver insurance premiums are partly responsible for the historic 20 percent decline in young people learning to drive. Kids who need a car for university, college or work have been largely ignored by an insurance industry who doesn’t care about their hopes, dreams and ambitions. Young Driver is determined to put a generation of well-qualified, safe novice drivers on the road with fair and affordable insurance premiums."